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ANRS RHIVIERA conducts translational projects with the goal of developing new tools and strategies in the search of a scalable sustained remission of HIV infection.


We pursue three specific objectives:
1. To understand the mechanisms underlying control of infection without treatment
2. To identify predictive markers of control or viral relapse after treatment interruption
3. To develop strategies allowing a large majority of people living with HIV to achieve HIV remission

Our Mission

ANRS RHIVIERA seeks to accomplish several missions:
• Foster ambitious and innovative research on the topics related to HIV-remission
• Provide technical and logistical support to internal and external collaborators
• Establish working groups to overcome/simplify clinical and technical limitations in the study of HIV reservoirs and immune responses
• Animate feedback and dissemination meetings to communicate about RHIVIERA ongoing efforts and HIV remission in general

Strategic Directions

ANRS RHIVIERA explores several strategies to achieve HIV remission, including those directly targeting the reservoirs, cellular activities or markers, together with immune interventions aiming to boost or reprogram immune responses and control deleterious immune activation.
• Facilitate early HIV diagnosis and treatment initiation
• Limit establishment and replenishment of viral reservoirs
• Identify markers and develop technologies to track viral reservoirs
• Identify correlates of HIV control
• Develop clinical interventions towards HIV remission
• Meet needs and expectations of people living with HIV

How is the RHIVIERA consortium funded?

The ANRS RHIVIERA consortium actively seeks funding opportunities for its research programs through competitive grant submission at French and international research funding agencies and/or through the establishment of partnerships with private/public partners.