Early ART initiation seems to favor post-treatment control of infection. However, only a minority of the individuals who are treated early is able to control viremia once the treatment is interrupted. Through retrospective analyses of data available in the ANRS CO6 PRIMO cohort and the Post-treatment controllers in the ANRS VISCONTI study, we have identified a MHC genotype [B35(53)Bw4TTC2], favoring KIR education of NK cells, that seems strongly associated with an enhanced probability of control of viremia after interruption of early initiated antiretroviral treatment. We propose to prospectively confirm this association in a structured multicenter single-arm analytical treatment interruption (ATI) study with participants from the ANRS PRIMO cohort under suppressive ART since primary infection and pre-screened for carrying the identified genotype, and to document study participants’ experience during the trial.

Starting year
2 years

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