Head of the HIV, Inflammation and Persistence unit at the Pasteur Institute (Paris). Her research focuses on deciphering the early host immune responses to identify factors involved in the protection against chronic inflammation and control of viral reservoirs in SIV and HIV-1 infections with the aim to translate the findings into clinical HIV research. She specializes in the studies of innate immunity (NK cells, plasmacytoid dendritic cells, myeloid cells, IFN-a), tissue viral reservoirs (intestine, secondary lymphoid organs) as well as in pre-clinical and clinical therapeutic trials.

Institut Pasteur

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Funded Research Project

Title: Viral dynamics of rebound and control following early treatment of HIV/SIV (NIH)

The results of the ANRS EP47 VISCONTI (Viro-Immunological Sustained COntrol after Treatment Interruption) study provided proof of concept that a state of sustainable HIV remission may be induced in at least some people with HIV: the post-treatment controllers (PTC). Unlike natural controllers, PTCs presented a symptomatic primary HIV-1 infection with high viral load and low… Continue reading Viral dynamics of rebound and control following early treatment of HIV/SIV (NIH)

Starting year
5 years
Members/PIs involved
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Funded Research Project

Title: A Non-Human Primate Model For HIV Remission (pVISCONTI)

The VISCONTI study proposed that post-treatment control (PTC) of HIV infection might be favored by early antiretroviral treatment (ART) initiation. However, a formal demonstration has not been established and the underlying mechanisms leading to PTC remain elusive. The pVISCONTI program aims to assess, in standardized conditions, the impact of early versus late ART initiation on… Continue reading A Non-Human Primate Model For HIV Remission (pVISCONTI)

Starting year
7 years
Members/PIs involved
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Linked Publications

Extremely low viral reservoir in treated chronically HIV-1-infected individuals

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Metabolic plasticity of HIV-specific CD8 + T cells is associated with enhanced antiviral potential and natural control of HIV-1 infection

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Early antiretroviral therapy favors post-treatment SIV control associated with the expansion of enhanced memory CD8+ T-cells

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