Professor of Internal Medicine at Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital. On the aims of his research is the characterization of HIV reservoirs, HIV persistence, and deciphering latency reactivation mechanisms and latency-reactivating agents (LRAs). He specializes in HIV-related clinical trials, in particular, the epidemiology and clinical characteristics of HIV-controllers (individuals infected with HIV who can spontaneously control viremia to maintain very low viral loads).

Kremlin-Bicêtre Hospital

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Funded Research Project

Title: A Non-Human Primate Model For HIV Remission (pVISCONTI)

The VISCONTI study proposed that post-treatment control (PTC) of HIV infection might be favored by early antiretroviral treatment (ART) initiation. However, a formal demonstration has not been established and the underlying mechanisms leading to PTC remain elusive. The pVISCONTI program aims to assess, in standardized conditions, the impact of early versus late ART initiation on… Continue reading A Non-Human Primate Model For HIV Remission (pVISCONTI)

Starting year
7 years
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Funded Research Project

Title: Heterogeneity of mechanisms responsible for HIV-1 gene silencing, WP1

Despite current effective and life-prolonging combination antiretroviral therapy (ART), HIV 1 can still not be cured and remission is not attainable for most persons. Indeed, the virus persists in people receiving ART and can produce active infection upon treatment interruption due notably to reactivation of viral expression from latently-infected cells, called HIV reservoirs. HIV-1 transcriptional… Continue reading Heterogeneity of mechanisms responsible for HIV-1 gene silencing, WP1

Starting year
3 years
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Linked Publications

In-Depth Characterization of Full-Length Archived Viral Genomes after Nine Years of Posttreatment HIV Control

Trémeaux P, Lemoine F, Mélard A, Gousset M, Boufassa F, Orr S, Monceaux V, Gascuel O, Lambotte O, Hocqueloux L, Saez-Cirion A, Rouzioux C, Avettand-Fenoel V.

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Expansion of Immature Neutrophils During SIV Infection Is Associated With Their Capacity to Modulate T-Cell Function

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Who are the persons living with HIV who might refuse to participate in HIV cure-related clinical trials with treatment interruption?

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Mass Cytometry Reveals the Immaturity of Circulating Neutrophils during SIV Infection

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Metabolic plasticity of HIV-specific CD8 + T cells is associated with enhanced antiviral potential and natural control of HIV-1 infection

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Cellular Metabolism Is a Major Determinant of HIV-1 Reservoir Seeding in CD4 + T Cells and Offers an Opportunity to Tackle Infection

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Ultrasensitive HIV-1 p24 Assay Detects Single Infected Cells and Differences in Reservoir Induction by Latency Reversal Agents

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Post-treatment HIV-1 controllers with a long-term virological remission after the interruption of early initiated antiretroviral therapy ANRS VISCONTI Study

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Dynamics in HIV DNA levels over time in HIV Controllers.

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Prolonged Antiretroviral Treatment Induces Adipose Tissue Remodelling Associated with Mild Inflammation in SIV-Infected Macaques.

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Patterns of patient and healthcare provider viewpoints regarding participation in HIV cure-related clinical trials. Findings from a multicentre French survey using Q methodology (ANRS-APSEC).

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Will CURE trials introduce an uncomfortable revolution in the field of HIV research?

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Characterization of Physicians That Might Be Reluctant to Propose HIV Cure-Related Clinical Trials with Treatment Interruption to Their Patients? The ANRS-APSEC Study.

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Early antiretroviral therapy favors post-treatment SIV control associated with the expansion of enhanced memory CD8+ T-cells

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Nature Communications. 2024, 15(1), Article number: 178